Fresh Tapas

  • Salad: lettuce hearts, tomatoes, radishes, spring onion, white asparagus, olives, hard-boiled egg. 15.00€
  • Peeled tomato with cured tuna fillet, “mojama”, spring onion, “piparra” (chilli pepper), salmorejo vinaigrette and dried black olives. 14.50€
  • Goat cheese salad: mixed fresh sprouts, nuts, cherry tomato, red berries and fig vinaigrette. 10.00€
  • “Ensaladilla rusa”: boiled potatoes and carrots with mayonnaise, hard-boiled egg, pickles, tuna and crunchy lentils and cumin. 8.50€
  • “Esgarrat”: fire-roasted red pepper with cod and flanes of cured cheese. 7.50€
  • “Hummus de garrofón”: butter bean cream with lemon and rosemary. 6.50€
  • Anchovies from Santoña (4 unidades) red pesto and black olive. 12.00€
  • Fresh octopus with mussels pickled in mediterranean vinaigrette: green and red pepper, onion, thyme and rosemary. 16.00€

Hot Tapas

  • Patatas a la brava: potatoes with spicy foam, paprika, aromatic herbs. 7.00€
  • Clochinas valenciana: Fresh mussels, a local seasonal speciality. 11.00€
  • Piquillo red pepper stuffed with cod and garlic shrimp. 4.50€
  • Octopus skewers with confit of potatoes, scallops and spicy “sobrasada”. 6.90€
  • Small beach squid with chives and mayonnaise. 11.00€
  • Tellinas: Fresh local cockles. 14.00€
  • Fried cod fritters. 3.50€
  • Squid croquette with garlic shoots and prawns. 2.80€
  • Horsemeat croquette with curry. 2.80€
  • Battered squid with chickpea flour red berries garlic oil. 10.00€
  • Beach calamri fritter. 17.00€
  • Lamb sweetbreads fritter with mushroom garlic and truffled potato. 9.50€


  • Wild sea bass fillet with sauteed vegetables and sesame oil. 20.00€
  • Wild turbot with fried garlic, mushroom and black olive. 28.00€


  • Beef entrecote with “chopo” mushrooms and roasted pumpkin ice cream. 24.00€
  • Iberian pork tenderloin with apples, plums, hazelnuts and P.X.. 22.00€
  • Confit of pork cheeks in Bobal wine and crispy corn. 17.00€

The Rices

All rice and fideua dishes minimum 2 people per dish. No more than two different rices or fideuas dishes per table.
All our rices can be served dry, meloso (semi-wet) and caldoso (wet). Prices per person.

  • Valencian paella (only on reservation 24h before). 13.50€
  • Seafood rice. 14.00€
  • Baby squid and garlic shoots rice. 12.50€
  • Green seafood rice (sea bass, cockles, seaweed). 17.00€
  • Duck, foie and boletus mushroom rice. 16.00€
  • Vegetable rice. 10.50€
  • Arroz al horno en paella . 14.00€
  • Red “periquitos” rice (red unpeeled shrimp). 12.50€
  • “Senyoret” rice (Big peeled prawns). 15.50€
  • “Senyoreta” rice ( peeled prawns, artichoke, grated prawn). 24.00€
  • Lobster rice. 22.00€
  • Carabinero prawn rice. 24.00€
  • Squid, prawn and pumpkin rice. 16.50€
  • Crab rice. 15.00€
  • Seafood “fideúa”. 14.00€
  • Duck, foie and boletus “fideúa”. 16.00€


  • Caramel tiramisú. 6.50€
  • Puff patry with sweet potato and anise. 6.00€
  • “la dolceta” Violet-flower cake. 6.50€
  • French toast with “horchata”, meringue milk icecream and cinnamon jelly. 7.00€
  • Chocolate and red berries in different textures. 7.00€
  • Custard tart with patisserie cream. 6.00€
  • Lemon with toasted meringue and biscuit crumble. 6.00€
  • Seasonal fruit. 5.50€

No aceptamos tartas que no sean elaboradas en nuestro restaurante.
En caso de celebración de cumpleaños consultar.